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What do Fresno’s neglected and unhealthy spaces have to do with gun and gang violence?

What Do Fresno’s Neglected and Unhealthy Spaces Have to Do with Gun and Gang Violence?

The most recent youth shootings involved a 15-year-old in southeast Fresno on Nov. 15, and a 13-year-old boy from central Fresno on Nov. 24 — two areas highly impacted by gun violence. The city has seen a steep climb in gun violence this year with 63 homicides. Marcel Woodruff, lead organizer with Faith in the Valley, said the most active pockets of town are known to have some of the worst air quality in Fresno.
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Gov. Newsom: It’s Time to Show Us the Central Valley Is a Priority—Stop Evictions During COVID-19

Despite Governor Newsom’s proclamation at the beginning of shelter-in-place that he had enacted a statewide “eviction moratorium”, this did little more than pass the buck to cities and counties to protect vulnerable renters, and very few jurisdictions did. On Sept. 1, millions of Californians will be facing evictions if elected leaders do not take swift and bold action now.
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Fresno police chief says ‘irresponsible decisions’ by state behind crime surge. Some disagree

Fresno Police Chief Says ‘Irresponsible Decisions’ by State Behind Crime Surge. Some Disagree

Andy Levine, deputy director of Faith in the Valley, said he was troubled by Hall’s claim that movement to re-imagine funding for the police is causing an uptick in violent crime. “That is just unprofessional,” Levine said. “The truth is the reason why violence occurs in our community is because we have funded so heavily the police departments in our city and our country at the expense of other, more pro-active things, in our community.”
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GEO Group's plan to convert two Central Valley prisons into ICE detention centers put on hold

GEO Group’s Plan to Convert Two Central Valley Prisons Into ICE Detention Centers Put on Hold

McFarland residents — many of whom work in the region's agricultural fields — "were not provided with a fair and transparent process in the vote for this detention center, and were shut out by those who are supposed to represent them," Pastor Trena Turner, executive director of Faith in the Valley, said in a statement. "We are hopeful that this temporary hold is a step towards progress, and that the resiliency of the community and legal partners will result in a permanent example of justice for the Central Valley, the state and the rest of the country."
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Statement on Black Lives Matter in the Central Valley

Faith in the Valley Issues Statement on Anti-Blackness in the Central Valley and the Movement for Black Lives

Faith in the Valley affirms the nationwide protest where people of faith, as well as people of good will, lift our voices for the declaration of the dawn of a new day. While many denounce the protest because of the element of property vandalism, we call on these critics to refocus their attention from any looting being done by economically dispossessed persons and towards a system that loots and robs Black and minoritized persons every day across the country.
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