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Statement on Black Lives Matter in the Central Valley

Faith in the Valley Issues Statement on Anti-Blackness in the Central Valley and the Movement for Black Lives

Faith in the Valley affirms the nationwide protest where people of faith, as well as people of good will, lift our voices for the declaration of the dawn of a new day. While many denounce the protest because of the element of property vandalism, we call on these critics to refocus their attention from any looting being done by economically dispossessed persons and towards a system that loots and robs Black and minoritized persons every day across the country.
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U.S. Capitol - Congress

Faith in Action Calls On Congress to Put Racial Equity Front and Center of CARES 2 Stimulus Package

This public health and humanitarian crisis calls for bold and moral leadership from Congress to remedy the deep and systemic racial inequities in our country. To save lives and limit the damage to our society and economy, our response to this crisis must be both universal, providing protection, care, and support to everyone, and targeted, focusing resources on people and communities most at-risk. To date, the federal response has exacerbated rather than alleviated racial inequality, putting all of our health and wellbeing at-risk.
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Victory! SB 54, CA Values Act, Signed into Law

After nine long months of communities and congregations struggling to defend themselves against the rising tide of deportations that are ripping families apart, SB 54, the California Values Act, has been signed into law. Faith in the Valley, along with PICO California and its 400 member congregations across 24 counties, thank Governor Brown, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León, his staff, and...
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ACLU of CA Launches Statewide Campaign to Educate Californians on the Role of District Attorneys, the Power They Wield and Their Impact on Mass Incarceration

The American Civil Liberties Union of California (ACLU-CA) and local partner organizations today launched Hey, Meet Your DA!, a campaign designed to raise awareness about the powerful role district attorneys (DAs) play in the state’s 58 counties, and to increase accountability and transparency within the offices.
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Faith in the Valley Receives Police Reform Grant from Borealis Philanthropy

Borealis Philanthropy recently launched the Communities Transforming Policing Fund to support promising police reform advocacy in local jurisdictions throughout the country, and we're proud to share that Faith in the Valley is one of the Funds' inaugural grant recipients. The CTPF is a collaborative effort of the Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation, and the Public Welfare Foundation.
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