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Evicted in Fresno: Facts for Housing Advocates

Fresno County is suffering from an affordable housing crisis, with more than 65% of renter households paying unaffordable rents and homeownership increasingly out of reach for low- and moderate-income residents. In this report produced by Faith in the Valley, learn about the patterns and impacts of evictions, which contribute to the larger housing insecurity crisis in Fresno.

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Here’s the bottom line: We do not have an adequate supply of safe, decent, and affordable housing units to meet the needs of our community, and without coordinated action at all levels of government, tenants and low-income homeowners will continue to see quality housing options shrink.

In this report, we address the following questions about eviction trends and patterns in Fresno County:

The Fresno Bee: A rental registry is Fresno’s newest weapon in the battle to wipe out housing blight
  • How many evictions happen annually in Fresno County?
  • What amount of money do renters commonly owe when evicted?
  • What proportion of tenants have legal representation in court versus landlords?
  • What are the main reasons that renters are evicted?
  • What proportion of evicted renters have a housing subsidy?
  • Where are evictions concentrated in Fresno County?
  • How do eviction rates vary by race or ethnicity?
  • What is the relationship between evictions and rent burdens?

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