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FITV Justice Interview Series - Political Violence

Political Violence in California’s Central Valley

This installment of the Faith In the Valley Justice Interview Series is a conversation about political violence in California’s Central Valley.

Participants think through political violence as not reducible to white-nationalist protest violence, but rather political violence as constitutive to the structural reality of America itself.

We discuss non-violence as a viable option to political violence, the role of the church in undergirding violence in the Central Valley, as well as hear from our panelists about their personal experiences with white-nationalist political violence in Lodi.

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  1. Considering how much both sides of the news media like to focus in on violence in our politics, I’d like to understand it better. What drives it, how pervasive it is, what separates a riot from an insurrection, if nothing else than to offer better answers as to why this stuff is happening and how it happens.

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