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What do Fresno’s neglected and unhealthy spaces have to do with gun and gang violence?

What Do Fresno’s Neglected and Unhealthy Spaces Have to Do with Gun and Gang Violence?

The most recent youth shootings involved a 15-year-old in southeast Fresno on Nov. 15, and a 13-year-old boy from central Fresno on Nov. 24 — two areas highly impacted by gun violence. The city has seen a steep climb in gun violence this year with 63 homicides. Marcel Woodruff, lead organizer with Faith in the Valley, said the most active pockets of town are known to have some of the worst air quality in Fresno.
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Our Work in Fresno

Through a massive outreach and listening campaign, Faith in Fresno leaders have developed a comprehensive vision for change focused on safe and decent housing, jobs and poverty, environmental justice, parks, and police accountability and gun violence.

Our key issues include:

  • Safe, Healthy and Affordable Housing
  • Live Free: Police Reform, Incarceration Reform and Reducing Gun Violence
  • Clean Energy, Jobs and Air
  • No One Stands Alone: Rapid Response and Accompaniment

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Faith in Fresno organizers and leaders
Faith in Fresno organizers and leaders
Faith in Fresno group photo with California Assembly Member Dr. Joaquin Arambula
Faith in Fresno organizers and leadersFaith in Fresno group photo with California Assembly Member Dr. Joaquin Arambula

Faith in Fresno has helped me use my voice to share what my family has been through living in substandard housing for the past 16 years. On February 2, 2017, my voice, and the voice of other families were heard by elected officials in Fresno who passed the Rental Housing Improvement that will prevent other families from suffering the way my family did. We must not think negatively, that things will never change. We must not feel frustrated. And we can’t continue to live in fear. We have to be steady in this fight for justice. We must rise up with faith and love. This fight for justice will be for me, for you, and for all of our families.

Sara Salgado
Valley Christian Center

Our Key Accomplishments

Organizing toward the creation of a mandatory Interior Inspection program to address the unsafe and unhealthy housing conditions that are impacting local families

Our leaders gained the Fresno’s commitment to adopt 21st Century Policing and have helped to oversee its gradual implementation, including implicit bias training for officers, and improved transparency through public access to data on police contact with students on school sites

Our leaders also are working to create a stronger Office of Independent Review by giving the independent auditor subpoena powers

Our work is leading to the development of a Community Advisory Board to create greater transparency and trust with the Police Department

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