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$5 Billion to Fund Peace and Community Reinvestment

How the American Rescue Plan Will Help Us Prevent Violence in Stockton

Our leaders and community partners successfully advocated for the city of Stockton to invest $4.75 million of American Rescue Plan funds over three years toward community well-being and violence intervention. The resources will establish hotlines and warmlines for crisis disruption, outreach and intervention support through community-based nonprofits, and evidence-based community violence interventions. Lecia Harrison, a licensed clinical social worker and leader with Faith in the Valley said: “We need this investment because Stockton has multiple crises—gun violence, homelessness, mental illness and substance abuse. All are interconnected. Formerly incarcerated folks are impacted too. Gun violence is a public health crisis. Mental…

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Our Work in San Joaquin

Faith in San Joaquin leaders have been holding a series of prayer/praise walks targeting the five hot spots in Stockton to build relationships within those areas, identify new leaders and increase participation in Live Free efforts to reduce violence and increase alternatives to incarceration.

In addition to our work to ensure full implementation of Prop. 47 in San Joaquin county, our leaders are working to shape the use of funds from a local sales tax to help fund re-entry services and rehabilitation and to help build out local Cease Fire efforts to reduce gun violence.

Our leaders are also part of the Health for ALL work across the Valley to build momentum for additional state and county-level policy to cover the Valley’s remaining uninsured residents and to strengthen the health care safety net. At the county level, this includes educating stakeholders about the need to use county surplus savings for mental health and community clinics in Stockton.

Our key issues include:

  • LIVE FREE: Police Accountability and Transparency
  • La Red: Know Your Rights Training (Immigrants, Stop & Frisk, Protest, Students), Rapid Response, Developing Safe-Haven Congregations
  • ECO-INTERFAITH: Clean air and clean energy
  • HEALTH4ALL: Protection of Affordable Health Care and Provisional Healthcare for Undocumented Community

The glory of our gospel does not shield us from the ugliness and dehumanizing effects of social injustice. Instead it summons us to stand in defense of the disenfranchised and in direct opposition to those systems and individuals who perpetuate the same.

Pastor Jack Hilliard
Upper Room Ministries

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