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Through our clean energy jobs campaign, Faith in the Valley is working with key partners to create tens of thousands of new well-paid clean energy jobs and job training pipelines for people who have been excluded from employment or struggled with poverty, and to speed up the transition to clean energy and create healthier environments across the Valley.

We’re also partnering with prominent faith institutions to power their congregations and facilities with renewable energy, and in the process, challenge cities and public entities to do the same.

Faith in the Valley grassroots leaders and clergy are working with community allies, to research and advance strategies for shifting the regional energy economy to clean energy sources, such as the utilization of Community Choice Aggregations (CCA’s) which would

  • provide low-income communities with access to non-polluting, clean sources of energy such as solar power
  • establish sources of revenue for local communities to create jobs to build, install, and maintain solar farms, and
  • disrupt the dominance of utility companies that are contributing to climate change and perpetuating policies that result in unhealthy outcomes for our people.

Marin Clean Energy, the nation’s first CCA created in 2010, has grown to serve over 100,000 customers and has created 2,400 jobs. CCAs have since become operational in Sonoma, Lancaster and San Francisco and are underway in other parts of California.

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