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California State Legislature Passes Homelessness Prevention Act

California State Legislature Passes Homelessness Prevention Act: A Beacon of Hope for Renters

In a move aimed at addressing the ongoing housing crisis in California, the State Legislature has overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 567, widely known as the Homelessness Prevention Act.

This legislation builds upon the foundation of the California Tenants Protection Act, which was enacted in 2020 to provide important safeguards for renters.

However, the Homelessness Prevention Act takes the fight against homelessness a step further by addressing the loopholes that have left many vulnerable Californians at risk of eviction.

For months, Faith in the Valley, along with all our brothers and sisters under the PICO California banner, has stood firm in our belief that we needed to push for this vital legislation. Our organizations have been at the forefront of the fight to ensure that every Californian has access to safe and stable housing.

We’ve been holding conversations in the counties we represent, we’ve been holding meetings with our elected officials to keep them accountable, and we even took the battle to the state capitol.

Our message has remained the same: Home is sacred.

Delvina Johnson, a Faith in the Valley leader, has been a passionate advocate for the Homelessness Prevention Act.

Her personal journey from experiencing homelessness to thriving as a successful Realtor and accomplished musician has fueled her commitment to this cause. Delvina’s transformation is a testament to the resilience of individuals facing housing insecurity, poverty and inadequate services. Her unwavering dedication to creating a better future for all Californians has been instrumental in advancing this crucial legislation.

“Growing up, my mom was on Section 8, and different neighbors had lots of low-income issues—and I’ve just seen a lot of sadness,” Delvina said in a recent interview. “I just knew that that wasn’t what my life was supposed to be. So that was my drive to keep pushing forward and to be a voice for us all because we truly deserve better.”

The passing of SB 567 is a milestone achievement, especially given the push back of the real estate lobby, and we join our fellow housing advocates in extending our gratitude to the elected leaders who supported this legislation.

Their commitment to addressing homelessness head-on and protecting the rights of tenants in California is commendable, and it underscores the importance of collective action.

With the bill’s approval in the State Legislature, SB 567 is now on its way to Governor Newsom’s desk. This marks another step toward realizing a future where every Californian has the housing they deserve.

Stay tuned for further developments as we continue to build a Central Valley and a state where homelessness is a thing of the past, and everyone can experience the security and dignity of a safe place to call home.

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