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Our Work in Stanislaus

In 2016, Faith in Stanislaus leaders held a listening campaign reaching over 600 community members through our Live Free, Health for All/Immigration, Jobs and Environment teams, collecting powerful stories and creating new opportunities for engagement. We also built a team of youth leaders who have become agents of change, leading meetings with state officials around the need to end racial and identify profiling in policing and sharing their stories in public meetings with allies.

We are currently researching opportunities to create youth jobs, as well as prevention and intervention programs through the intersection with our Prop. 47 work.

Since Election Day, we have had over 16 Know Your Rights forum in Modesto.

As a community, we are also pressuring the Modesto City Council to pass a resolution to keep our targeted families safe by not collaborating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We do not yet have a commitment from the Modesto City Council.

We are currently scheduling research meetings in order to go back to our City Council and accept no more excuses, and make them assume responsibility for protecting their constituents.

Faith in the Valley is helping me build relationships with people across the Valley and build leadership. I am improving my public speaking skills and I see the change I am doing in my community, which makes me conscious of how the system works.

Estela Arreola
St. Jude’s Catholic Church

Our Key Accomplishments

Because of our efforts, the Modesto Police Department changed its towing policy so that officers are no longer allowed to impound a vehicle for 30 days if a resident is pulled over for driving without a license

Our leaders led voter engagement efforts for Props. 47, 55, 56 and 57

Our leaders have been working to get licenses for undocumented people

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