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Faith in the Valley leader Carmen Ojeda

Leader Profile: Carmen Ojeda

A few years ago, Faith in the Valley leader Carmen Ojeda was taking an ESL class in her community of Dos Palos in Merced County when some classmates began sharing their concerns around language and involvement barriers in their children’s…

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An officer sits at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement desk (Photo by Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times)

They Knocked on an Atwater Door Saying They Were Cops. They Were ICE, Advocates Say

A handful of people were picked up by immigration agents in Atwater during the weekend, according to advocates and a witness. The U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, did not confirm the number of arrests from Sunday morning, but advocates for undocumented immigrants told the Sun-Star five people were picked up in deportation efforts in Atwater.
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Here’s what immigrant advocates said about ICE arrests in Merced County

Here’s What Immigrant Advocates Said About ICE Arrests in Merced County

Local advocates are calling on elected officials, law enforcement and allies in Merced County to unite against the recent deportation efforts happening in Atwater and surrounding areas. Five men in Atwater were picked up by the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, on Sunday morning and advocates rallied together quickly in response to the “unjust” way the five men were taken, they say.
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Advocates Push Merced County to Help Undocumented Receive Healthcare

This week, Building Healthy Communities Merced released a report outlining ways the county could potentially provide services for undocumented immigrants. The report explains that because undocumented immigrants aren’t eligible for health insurance under Covered California or most non-emergency coverage from Medi-Cal, advocates around the state have asked their counties to provide coverage to those undocumented.
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Livingston votes on resolution to become Merced County’s first sanctuary city

Livingston Begins Work on a Resolution to Become Merced County’s First Sanctuary City

The town appears to be on its way to becoming Merced County’s first sanctuary city, a symbolic self-designation meant to ease the minds of undocumented immigrants worried over ongoing changes to immigration policy under the Trump administration. Emotions ran high during the regular meeting of the City Council on Tuesday as about a dozen residents spoke, some in English and some in Spanish, recounting their daily fears related to the undocumented immigrant status of themselves or their loved ones.
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