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Faith in Merced Leaders Recognized for Input on Merced City School District’s LCAP

By Sara Sandrik—June 26, 2017

The Merced City School District Board of Education meeting that was held at Rivera Middle School on June 13 was filled with encouraging moments regarding our Local Control Accountability Plan.

Several parents and other stakeholders expressed their gratitude for the work that went into the 2017-2020 draft and the sense that their voices have been heard. While we sincerely appreciate those uplifting words, we also want to take time to thank all of the people who have worked together over the past several years to get our district to this point as we remain committed to continuous improvement.

The LCAP first emerged in 2013-2014 when California shifted to the Local Control Funding Formula. The LCFF replaced the previous K-12 finance system that had been in place for about 40 years. Instead of allocating funds for programs and services the state determines are a priority, the new system gives local school boards control over how to use funds and resources to improve outcomes and opportunities for all students. A portion of the money received through the LCFF is specifically provided to address growth for students who are economically disadvantaged, English language learners and/or foster youth. Those funds require a Local Control Accountability Plan, which details how that growth will be achieved.

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