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Faith in the Valley leader Carmen Ojeda

Leader Profile: Carmen Ojeda

A few years ago, Faith in the Valley leader Carmen Ojeda was taking an ESL class in her community of Dos Palos in Merced County when some classmates began sharing their concerns around language and involvement barriers in their children’s…

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A Faith in the Valley summer camp student shows off her project.

Kids and Communities Thrive in our Arts, Climate and Music Summer Programs

During the six week program, we have been working with 20 campers—ranging in age from 5 to 22—to expose them to climate issues such as air quality inequity, environmental toxins and our fragile ecosystem. Campers are also learning about community organizing. “One of the things that has been most fascinating is watching the kids take something that they are passionate about and understand, like the video game ‘Among Us,’ and applying it to what they are learning about climate justice."
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Michael Baldwin: Leader Profile

Board Profile: Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin is a member of Faith in the Valley’s Board of Directors and resides in Stanislaus County. In 2018, after serving 26 years of a double-life sentence, Michael settled in Modesto to use his life experience to bring healing…

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