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Faith in the Valley Organizes Walk for Peace to Call on Stockton to End the Violence

“We’re here because we strongly believe that the people in the community hold the best hope to change the community. So we’re here marching for peace, for all of the violence to cease regardless of where it comes from. We want our city to be the amazing city that we know it can be,” Pastor Trena Turner, executive director of Faith in the Valley, said during the walk.
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Livingston votes on resolution to become Merced County’s first sanctuary city

Livingston Begins Work on a Resolution to Become Merced County’s First Sanctuary City

The town appears to be on its way to becoming Merced County’s first sanctuary city, a symbolic self-designation meant to ease the minds of undocumented immigrants worried over ongoing changes to immigration policy under the Trump administration. Emotions ran high during the regular meeting of the City Council on Tuesday as about a dozen residents spoke, some in English and some in Spanish, recounting their daily fears related to the undocumented immigrant status of themselves or their loved ones.
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