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Let's continue to stand up, fight for those in McFarland

Let’s Continue to Stand Up, Fight for Those in McFarland

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno represents about one million Catholics and, hopefully, inspires others, including folks who reside in the town of McFarland. Often it is those very same folks who inspire us and I am immensely proud of the parishioners at St Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in McFarland who, along with many others, put their faith into practice and stood up for themselves, their neighbors, their community and this country by...
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Modesto area community groups spread the word about the importance of the 2020 Census

Modesto Area Community Groups Spread the Word About the Importance of the 2020 Census

Faith in the Valley, a nonprofit group that offers help to underserved residents, is canvassing neighborhoods and speaking to households that have not participated in the census before. Especially in communities with immigrants, many residents fear their personal information on census forms will be handed to federal immigration enforcement officials and lead to their deportation.
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