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People, residents, community leaders and local elected officials from the San Joaquin Valley, gathered during the ‘Equity on the Mall’ rally in Sacramento

Senate Shows Lack of Appetite to Resolve DACA. Meanwhile, ICE Is on the Loose

Feb. 20, 2018

The Senate failed in its attempt to achieve an immigration plan and it is unclear if it will reopen the debate after the recess. Meanwhile the Dreamers will have to face the risk of deportation when DACA ends in the next two weeks. What’s next for the Dreamers ? And what does ICE do in Texas, California and elsewhere with its massive raids? In this Línea Abierta program , the Radio Bilingual News director, Samuel Orozco breaks down these and other topics with a group of distinguished guests, the Dreamers movement, a movement of the Christian faith, and political activism. Orozco offers a panoramic view of some of the dreamers’ fighting possibilities, and also makes an important announcement.

Juan Manuel Guzmán is a director of advocacy and policy for United We Dream in Washington, DC. Here, it offers a clear reading on the votes of the bills that unsuccessfully plowed the federal Congress last week to deal with the issue of the Dreamers and the wall.

He maintains that this party still has minutes left, but that nevertheless failed the plan of Trump and the Republicans, who never showed a real appetite for reaching a sane, and rather showed no bipartisan spirit. But it is, he says, about the lives of thousands of people; and Republicans and Trump want to play with the desperation of the Dreamers .

United We Dream calls on Democratic lawmakers to step forward for the community. That they remain firm in favor of the community. Because in the DACA case, says Guzmán, it should be resolved in political and non-judicial instances; it should not reach the Supreme Court of Justice, but be resolved in an extrajudicial agreement.

What do organizers of the immigrant in the San Joaquin Valley, California ?, seat of three prominent congressmen of the Republican majority in Congress? How do they make their voice heard about DACA ?, asks Orozco at the beginning of this segment.

Alex Gonzalez, organizer of Faith in the Valley in Bakersfield, gives his opinion on the response of these congressmen, who follow a policy of closed doors.

But this organization carries out a strategy taken from the Christian liturgy and during 40 days during Lent they will have vigils all those days at the doors of the congressmen’s offices.

And they call for using the power of voting in November if they continue to be ignored.

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