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$5 Billion to Fund Peace and Community Reinvestment

How the American Rescue Plan Will Help Us Prevent Violence in Stockton

Our leaders and community partners successfully advocated for the city of Stockton to invest $4.75 million of American Rescue Plan funds over three years toward community well-being and violence intervention.

The resources will establish hotlines and warmlines for crisis disruption, outreach and intervention support through community-based nonprofits, and evidence-based community violence interventions.

Lecia Harrison, a licensed clinical social worker and leader with Faith in the Valley said: “We need this investment because Stockton has multiple crises—gun violence, homelessness, mental illness and substance abuse. All are interconnected. Formerly incarcerated folks are impacted too. Gun violence is a public health crisis. Mental health resources are necessary to prevent and treat the trauma experienced by victims directly impacted by gun violence. There is a ripple effect and the trauma doesn’t just impact them, but also family, friends, and the community at large.”

Our leaders are continuing to advocate at the federal level for a longterm commitment to violence prevention through the Break the Cycle of Violence Act, a proposed $5 billion fund over eight years to invest in evidence-based violence reduction initiatives.

To get involved with the national campaign to #FundPeace, go to

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