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Eviction Protection Program approved in Fresno

Eviction Protection Program Approved in Fresno

After much advocacy for eviction protections, Fresno students, resident leaders and partners celebrated the passage of an Eviction Protection Program, which allocates $750,000 to provide legal counsel to Fresno tenants facing unlawful evictions, mediation services between tenants and landlords, and community outreach.

We are working with the city to secure additional funding to sustain the program beyond year one with the support of the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel.

We are also actively working with the board of supervisors in San Joaquin County to establish a similar program there.

Our research shows how urgent this need is: we estimate that at least 22,750 San Joaquin County households, including 23,890 children, are in danger of facing eviction due to housing insecurity caused by the pandemic.

To hear more from San Joaquin County residents who have faced or are facing housing insecurity, with all of its nuance and complexities, tune in to this powerful conversation entitled, The Truth About Homelessness.

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