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The housing crisis in Modesto continues to grow

Why We Need a ‘People’s Housing Commission’ in Modesto

On July 13, grassroots leaders and clergy in Modesto became the first in a Central Valley jurisdiction to bring forward a motion to their city council to create a People’s Housing Commission, which, if implemented, would center the voices of impacted renters and unhoused stakeholders, and bring them together with elected representatives, city planners, affordable housing developers, clergy leaders, community benefit organizations and others to develop a 10-year plan to tackle the housing crisis through a Homes Guarantee framework.

While the city council has yet to approve this request, several champions have emerged.

Bishop Tylos Jackson, Jr., a Faith in the Valley clergy leader from Victory in Praise Modesto Church, who addressed the city council that night, said: “I’ve seen congregants of various demographics—young, old, seniors—struggling just to keep their home. Struggling just to keep their residency. They have to make a choice of whether I’m going to feed my family or I’m going to pay this exorbitant amount for rent.”

Recent research by the California Housing Partnership has shown that 15,485 low-income renter households in Stanislaus County do not have access to an affordable home.

To get involved with the housing work in Modesto, contact Pastor Latricia Beasley-Day at (209) 495-4377.

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