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The Organization

Faith in the Valley is a multi-faith, multi-racial coalition of congregations and organizations working towards a more racially and economically just, compassionate, equitable, and thriving Central Valley.

We organize to advance economic and racial justice in Kern, Fresno, Merced, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin counties. We have a vision for the Central Valley that embraces human dignity, values the full participation of every human being, and promotes the health, safety, and economic security of people across the Valley. Therefore, we are building local, county-wide, and regional power to disrupt systems of oppression, and advance a multi-issue agenda that is fundamentally about shifting the politics and the economy of the Central Valley in ways that make life better for all people.

Faith in the Valley does this through an organizing process that develops local leadership and conducts research on how to have our collective voices heard by holding those in positions of power and authority accountable for serving the common good. We do this out of our faith – different faiths but united in how it compels us to fight for justice, dignity, and opportunity.

Project Goal

Expand efforts to build a prison-to-polls pipeline that leads to long term engagement in community organizing, by investing in and activating the voice, leadership, vote and ongoing involvement of those impacted by Prop 17.

Scope of Work/Focus of Work

The primary focus of the part time role is to conduct outreach – in an effort to build relationships, to identify community issues of concern and to begin to develop interest and engagement in civic engagement and community organizing. The outreach is focused on Prop 17 impacted residents currently on parole or who are incarcerated but will return home soon.

Part-Time Role Description

  • Join community organizer at monthly Parole and Community Team (PACT) meetings to help provide outreach and information. This will be a first point of contact and a place to hold one-to-one conversations with returning citizens and invite them into a workshop space for deeper learning around civic engagement.
  • Provide similar outreach at one-stop services and other state-mandated classes for parolees.
  • Support organizer in providing information and workshops inside local prisons for those who are flagged to return home soon.
  • Help community organizer to engage new Prop 17 impacted leaders in issues that they care about by including and elevating their voices and stories in listening encounters and research meetings with candidates and elected officials, as well as nonpartisan, non-lobbying candidate forum.
  • Do other outreach including 3-5 one to ones per month with those who are interested to build relationship and channel into LOC space

Application Procedure

All applicants must apply for this position online. Please have the following documents ready to upload to your online application:

  • An electronic file of your resume (preferably in PDF format)
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