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Latest Past Events

Evicted in Fresno Teach-In

Fresno State 5241 N. Maple Ave., Fresno

Join us for a discussion led by Amber Crowell, of Fresno State's Sociology Department, and Janine Nkosi, also of Fresno State's Sociology Department and Faith in the Valley, and let's put our knowledge into action on housing justice. The teach-in will take place in the library, room 3212.

Emergency Call To Stop Republican Attacks on Families & Kids

Families and children, particularly immigrants and people of color, are under dire attack under the current Republican tax and budget proposals that House and Senate leaders want to jam through Congress before the end of the year. This bill puts everything at stake - from health care to the DREAM Act - and we must…

Faith in the Valley Watch Launch

St. James Episcopal Church 4147 E. Dakota Ave., Fresno

In an effort to be present, witness, and support families in times of crisis, such as ICE raids, detentions, or feeling unsafe or targeted due to hate crimes/threats, Fresno leaders and community members have committed to a Rapid Response network to step in and directly help families. Because we know ICE operates very quickly throughout…

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