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Stockton Clergy Discusses Controversial ‘Advance Peace’ Program

Stockton Clergy Discusses Controversial ‘Advance Peace’ Program

By Kay Recede—Aug. 22, 2017

A meeting between Stockton clergy members and the founder of Advance Peace met Tuesday to discuss the controversial crime prevention program.

The program seeks to help people, identified by law enforcement as being likely to engage in gun violence, stay out of trouble. Help as mentoring, internships or even stipends.

“We’re providing a stipend for young men who are working hard to get their lives together,” Advance Peace founder DeVone Boggan said.

But Boggan said the program is not just about the stipend, but the relationships “fellows” build with their mentors and keeping them out of trouble.

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs faced heavy criticism when he announced he wanted to bring the program, already in place in Richmond, to Stockton.

“We believe this will actually help us see our numbers decrease and, if we can do that, that means there are going to be lives that are going to be saved,” Boggan said.

Stockton clergy like Pastor Curtis Smith praised the program, but critics say Richmond’s problems are not the same as Stockton’s.

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