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Selma Police Chief Eases Residents’ Deportation Fears At Community Meeting

Selma Police Chief Eases Residents’ Deportation Fears at Community Meeting

By Christina Fan—Aug. 22, 2017

Tension is building in many Valley communities over deportation fears. In Selma, families are calling on the police department to improve its immigration policy.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is a place of refuge where families gathered on Friday to voice and ease their concerns about deportation.

“They live in fear, and they don’t have a good relationship with the police,” organizer Marlene Perez said.

With rumors of ICE raids surfacing across the Valley, families are worried agents will come to Selma. At this community meeting, neighbors asked if local police would cooperate with deportation officers.

“Immigration status is absolutely meaningless to us when we are investigating a crime,” Selma Police Chief Greg Garner explained.

Garner is trying to heal any distrust building in town, promising that officers will not call ICE after a traffic stop.

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