Faith in Stanislaus County leaders held a listening campaign reaching over 600 community members this year through their Live Free, Health for All/Immigration, Jobs and Environment teams, collecting powerful stories and creating new opportunities for engagement. They also built a team of youth leaders who have become agents of change, leading meetings with state officials around the need to end racial and identify profiling in policing and sharing their stories in public meetings with allies. They are currently researching opportunities to create youth jobs, as well as prevention and intervention programs through the intersection with our Proposition 47 work. Finally, the upcoming World Meeting of Popular Movements (WMPM) will be held in Modesto next year. With our brothers and sisters in PICO, we will co-sponsor this national and international gathering with Pope Francis, which will bring together grassroots movement leaders to shine light on inequalities facing the Valley and other excluded communities across the US, building solidarity with economic and environmental justice movements across the world, and shaping the priorities of the next U.S. President around the needs of marginalized and oppressed people.